Just a word of warning:   Don't EVEN mention the words "Bed" and "Biscuit" in the same sentence in front of my two Boxers Jack and Jaimee unless
you have the bags packed and the car all loaded because they will bounce off the walls non-stop until you take them there.
Jack and Jaimee view Bed and Biscuits Boarding as they hottest canine vacation spot this side of Dogpatch, USA.   They love it!!   
As for me, I remember the days of having to board my precious babies in a place where they were kept in a cage.  I always left in tears as those
big brown eyes pleaded with me to not leave them, all the while they were straining and pulling against their leashes trying to get back to
me...Needless to say those days are over!  Oh, there are still days when I leave the Bed and Biscuit in tears, but only because Jack and Jaimee
are running down the wooded trail, sniffing and exploring and cannot even be bothered to tell me "Good-Bye" They are so excited and having so
much fun that they don't even notice that I am leaving!!  I then drive away with happy tears, knowing they are getting the very best care I can
possibly find.  And I love that!!  
Now, being young Boxers, I know that Jack and Jaimee are not the easiest dogs to care for and I am sure that they can present challenges to say
the least, but when I come back to get them, Michelle just laughs as she shares all the crazy Boxer antics they have presented her and her family
with throughout their stay and I know in my heart that even as rotten as they are that they are loved and cared for while they are there.  I can't
even begin to put into words just how much that means to me.     

Yea, Jack and Jaimee see the Bed and Biscuit as a wonderful amusement park...I view it as just a little bit of heaven out in the woods and I am
deeply thankful for the all the wonderful love and care they receive from the Fitzgerald Family.  Thanks so much...

Debbie Knowles

We love boarding Partner at B & B and drive the hour it takes to get there so he can board where both we and he know he is adored and well
cared for.   He’s not always fond of traveling very far in a vehicle and gets a bit antsy, but the moment we turn the car onto Stonegate Road, he
knows exactly where he is.  His tail is wagging and his excitement is obvious!   He is very happy to take his first trail walk with the caretaker and
begin his own vacation!  

Recently, Partner had a minor injury which required daily care when he boarded for a long weekend.  The wonderful staff, Amy in particular, spent
the necessary time with him each day to clean his wound, give him the necessary medication, brush him (one of his FAVORITE things!), and love
him.  He got lots of extra attention because he couldn’t do his trail walks due to the foot injury.  

Like most dog owners, I know that “my dog” is a very special dog.  He is a rescue and there has never been a more loving animal.  He has brought
so much joy to our life and we are blessed to be his people.  I used to cry when I had to leave him, but now, I am able to leave with a smile on my
face and complete confidence that he is going to have a ball, that he is going to be loved, exercised, played with and spoiled while we are away.  I
know he will be wearing a smile and wagging that beautiful tail when we return.  He’ll be thrilled to come home with us, but he’ll be awaiting his next
very special “doggie vacation”!  Thank you Michelle, Amy, and all of the wonderful staff for loving our dog and giving us peace of mind when we
travel.  Although I know there are other good places to board our dog, places that are closer to our home, Bed and Biscuits is always our first

Kathy Thaman